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Edha is a mental health platform, designed to facilitate mental and emotional well-being. At Edha, we offer online Counselling and therapy for anxiety, stress, depression, ADHD, OCD, relationship concerns, marriage related, lifestyle, parenting, motherhood related and other concerns through Counsellors, Psychologists, Therapists and experts from the field.

Edha also believes in effective Coaching, as an enabler toward elevating present life situations and be able to meet personal and professional goals. We offer online Coaching for, Goal setting, developing focus, problem solving, critical thinking, effective communication, re-building confidence, developing entrepreneurial mind-set, time management, work place management, becoming resilient, practicing mindfulness and others.

Edha also offers sessions for mindfulness, practicing oneness, meditation, yoga and spirituality for a holistic well-being.

You can access our platform from anywhere, anytime for your requirement and booking session as per your convenience, with the expert of your choice, in your most comfortable language, to extract maximum benefit with each session.

Please feel free to explore our platform and give us an opportunity to serve you. In the next phase, we shall be available with our services in an offline setup as well and Online Counselling and Therapy.

Founder’s Message


In the journey of life, at times, we do come across situations which makes us think and feel as if we have got stuck. We experience this, only when we are unable to come out of it, by self, despite efforts. At times, these situations may have the tendency to put us at halt or in the reverse gear and that is when the mental, emotional and physical as well as energy state of ours, start to deteriorate.

edha is a platform and an endeavor to connect you with the expert Counsellor, Psychologists, Therapists and Psychiatrist, who would facilitate you, to come out of your present situation, with ease. Our objective is to connect people in need, to the most suitable mental health professionals, to assist them, feel better.

Further, at times, despite efforts, we see that we are unable to achieve certain personal, academic or professional goals by self. That is when Coaches help us, meet our goals, through effective Coaching. Through this platform, we also aspire to connect you with Coaches, so that you are able to take charge and meet your personal or professional goals, for better experiences of life.

Apart from this, we would also have experts from the field of relaxation techniques, meditation, how to manage stress, into spiritual talks, yoga and other fields to enable you to take charge of self and feel better.

We cannot anticipate or expect to change situations and people in our lives, to have harmony within and outside us. However, we can always learn to manage self, so well, that irrespective of the situations, we shall be able to deal with it, most appropriately and effectively.

This is what our effort is, to facilitate you, to feel good. It’s possible.

Best Wishes,

Umesh Upaadyay

Online Counselling and Therapy


To be the most affordable, easily accessible, Client focussed, mental help service provider.


We are and shall continue to re-look, re-evaluate our approach from all perspectives, which includes,

Clients’ feedback, issues we address, ease of access and associated costs. Counselling, Coaching, relaxation techniques, meditation, yoga and other interventions to make you feel good, holistically.

Further, making the entire process seamless, with the use of latest technological interventions for online sessions and toward face to face experiences. Simultaneously, continuous attempts to provide you with great overall support in the entire journey, with us. Opening up more Centres across Cities, for more personal face to face sessions with our experts, with the objective to make you, feel good.

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may all be prosperous and happy. may all be free from illness.

may all see what is spiritually uplifting. may no one suffer.

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