Spirituality is not a set of religious activities, which ought to be performed compulsively. It is not a practice, instead, being spiritual can be regarded as your way of life. One may ask, why a certain way of living?

Well, nothing happens in this cosmos somehow or in whichever way. Only if things are aligned consciously or most appropriately, it increases the probability of something to happen or flourish. Example, in your Car, the music is audible only when the channel is tuned to that frequency, otherwise, it doesn’t play well. Similarly, we are a spec in this cosmos, a part of it all. We are an all encompassing mind, emotions, energy and physical body. The entire system is very sophisticated. There are ways to managing this system. If aligned and managed well, it has the potential to give you better experiences of life, reaching higher potential in life.

Bharat our nation, has always encouraged people to be a seeker, as that is which has allowed great people in the past to experience life, differently. You do not have to achieve such milestones, but then, it is a good idea to learn to manage self, a little more better, for better experiences of life.

One thing, undoubtedly, we all are seeking, which is pleasantness within and outside too, with other people and nature. It is the way of life, if learned, then that makes life experiences much better. It also helps our mother nature too.

Please do feel free to reach out to us, if you may wish to learn, the art of living for better experiences in life.

You may simply drop in a mail at ask@edha.life and our team shall get in touch with you.

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