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Mental Health Counselling
Stress, Anxiety, Depression Counselling
Relationship Issue Counselling
Marriage & Pre Marriage counselling
Breakup Counselling
Anger Counselling
Marriage counselling, Relationship issues
Managing Stress, Situations, Difficult Times
Overcoming Fear, Phobia, Trauma, OCD
Overcoming Grief, Loss, Loneliness
Overcoming Grief, Loss, Loneliness
Figuring out Life Direction, Conflict Resolution

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about edha

India’s best Online counselling platform for mental health, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Marriage counselling,Relationship Counselling, Child and Adolescent, Parenting and Couple Counseling.

Discover a bouquet of support services at Our platform offers Mental Health Counseling, Stress Management, Anxiety Relief, Depression Support, and Relationship Counseling provided by top psychologists, therapists, and counsellors. Out Experts facilitate and guide you with empathy and care in your tough times or life challenges, guiding you through, work with you with proven strategies to feel better and for better life experiences. Trust for holistic well-being.

Our Offerings

Mental Health Therapist



Relaxation Techniques

Employee Engagement Program

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There are ways to overcome situations

With our experienced professionals, we put in our best, to make you, feel good.


Our competent Counsellors and Therapists are experienced professionals who assist and facilitate to resolution of personal, social, or psychological problems and difficulties, through appropriate methodologies. This is done by building trust with our Clients, listening to them, and paying attention to what they think and feel in the most suitable environment, confidentially, and with the most appropriate professional ethics. You may get in touch with Psychologists near me and Mental Health Therapist.

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A Coach facilitates an individual to unlock their potential thus enabling them to meet their personal or professional goals, by themselves. You have all the answers and capabilities, all within; a Coach assists you in making the best of yourself, to be there. Our Coaches facilitate you to look within and assist you in tapping into and giving direction to your perspectives and your way of thinking and subsequent action. Do you have personal or professional goals and wish to realize them? If yes, then please connect and speak with one of our Coaches , today.

edha offers online counseling services for


You do not produce anger, you become angry. You seem to have lost control over yourself, when in anger. This can be managed well through online counseling. Book an appointment with a Psychologist.


Not everybody gets stressed in the same manner. It is all about how you have started to look at people and situations. An in-depth understanding and shift in perception can do wonders here. Talk to a Psychologist.

Anxiety / Depression

You may become anxious in situations or otherwise. Are you feeling low in energy, feel sad and this has been happening for a longer duration of time then you should speak with a Psychologist for depression counseling.


The key to a healthy relationship is trust, communication, respect, attention, care, and affection. If you see a miss and you have not been able to handle it by yourself, then please talk to a Therapist for relationship counseling.


It is all about how two people from different backgrounds come together to stay together. It is the responsibility of both, to make it work. Feel free to speak with a Counsellor for marriage counseling in private.


It is an emotional response after an unfortunate event. If you are feeling uncomfortable and encountering flashbacks, unpredictable emotions, and other symptoms. Book online counseling for mental health.


Gain and loss are a part of life. It could be losing a near or dear one or material loss. If you are finding it difficult to cope with this, please go for an online counseling session with a Psychologist.


It is experienced due to significant loss, usually the death of a loved one. Grief includes physiological distress, anxiety, confusion, and apprehension about the future and puts you down. Counselors help you feel better.

When would you require Counselling ?

In the journey of life, you come across multiple situations, voluntarily or unknowingly. Certain situations or incidences may put you in an uncomfortable state and you do not know how to deal with them effectively or what could be the most appropriate response, so you may consult a Therapist near you.

edha is a mental health platform, designed to facilitate mental and emotional well-being. At Edha, we offer online Counselling and therapy for anxiety, stress, depression, ADHD, OCD, PTSD, relationship concerns, marriage-related, lifestyle, parenting, motherhood, and other concerns through Counsellors, Psychologists, Therapists, and experts from the field.

Certain incidents leave some mental scars and memories and you may find it difficult to come out of it, by yourself that is also when and where you require Counselling, through experienced experts from the field, who help you come out of it, through effective interventions and therapies. Connect with us for post-traumatic stress disorder.

A few of the below signs, if these exist, then you may perhaps consult Psychologists, Counsellors, or Therapists. These symptoms could be, loss of motivation in life, in doing everyday tasks, loss of sleep or appetite, too frequent mood swings, grief or loss of near or dear ones, relationship issues, if you have gone through any physical, mental, or emotional trauma in the past, unable to Concentrate in studies or work, if you use any unhealthy coping methods such as smoke, alcohol to manage stress or anxiety or any other state wherein it appears you have either lost control over self or unable To manage self, the way you used to; then that is the time to consult an expert.

Counselling helps, when you think,
you have

  • Stress or Anxiety
  • Sleep or appetite related concerns
  • Undergoing depression
  • Start to have frequent or perpetual negative thoughts
  • Confidence, self esteem and self worth appears to go down
  • Develop body image issues
  • Start to have panic attacks
  • Have relationship issues, family issues, issues with in-laws
  • Adolescence related
  • Love or marriage related concerns
  • Unable to manage work and work pressure
  • Grief or loss of someone
  • Learning disability
  • Adolescence related concerns
  • Anger issues
  • Parenting concerns


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edha believes in service through

Client First

edha is for you and to serve you in the best possible manner.

Experts from their Field

edha support is rendered by experienced experts from the field, who are able to assist you with your areas of concern, with ease.

Ease of mode of Counselling

edha platform has been designed to get you Counselling, Coaching and other services through online video and audio mode. We shall also be starting face to face counselling shortly, in a few Cities in India.

Complete Confidentiality

Your one on one sessions are exclusive with your Counsellor only and alone. No one from Organization or otherwisewould get to know about your discussion with your Counsellor, ever. These are all confidential and are not recorded for any reason, whatsoever. Complete privacy is maintained when your sessions are on, in any mode.

Our Culture

Respect for all, kindness, integrity, values and principles, work ethics and an open mind to listen, understand and assist Our Clients, is our way of working at edha.



Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is always good to know the Terms and conditions before you use any service. In case you come across any point which you are not comfortable with, then we recommend, you should not go for seeking support from us.  Alternatively, you may seek clarification and then decide, accordingly.  

Your information rests in our database only and is not used for any purpose other than to serve you in your first session or for future sessions.  

We attend to only those Clients who seek services which are mentioned on our portal. In case a service is not mentioned out there, then those situations, we do not handle.

Further, people requiring immediate medical assistance, as stated as disclaimer in the footer of our web-site or under Disclaimer in our Terms and conditions are those situations we do not attend to. We suggest, you please read through that in detail.

We request you to please go through the exhaustive list of our services, which is available in our drop down on Home page under the respective Tabs of Counselling, Coaching or other offerings.

It would be unfortunate for us to hear that from you, as all our experts are experienced and competent enough to be able to work with their Clients, most appropriately.  However, in case of any such situation arising, we suggest you to kindly drop in a detailed mail to us at within a week of your session, for us to be able to look into the matter, urgently. A delayed response from you might not be appropriate, due obvious reasons.  

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